My Career

I make sacrifices everyday to make writing my career

To all of my doubters: when you’re gone, I’ll still be here

Writing is the easiest part of being an entrepreneur in the literary world

I create a mixture colder than chocolate ice cream, with a vanilla swirl

Rejection is just a reflection of successful detection

My character is a projection of God, looking down upon earth with introspection

I’m a literary mastermind, always kind, destined to shine

Grinding out words that are bitter like a lime

I warm up hearts with the passion behind my words

I’ve been told living off my writing is absurd

I could write more than I read, but I like to invest in resources

My inspiration comes from an array of meteorological literary sources

Ladies Prism will sell millions of copies worldwide on a digital scale

When the physical copies are released–I’ll increase my paper trail

The False Reality Of Martin took a couple of years to take off like a rocket

The prose is an electrifying outlet like a socket

Every book I publish becomes a best seller like a bank teller

I have more quotes than Helen Keller; still an ordinary hood dweller

I’ve never been afraid of any man or worried about the future

I jumped into the system and conquered it, like nintendo that’s super

There’s a fine line between heaven and hell like the splitting of cells

My name rings bells, if the police catch me I won’t ever tell

I’m too clever to spend my life in a jail cell; I’m going far

I’d rather drive luxury cars, and celebrate, immensely in bars

Sipping green tea, writing words, painting a deeper scripture

Every single word I write provides a sublime picture

I don’t believe in luck, if you rely on it you suck

You get pushed around like a hockey puck

Find what you love eternally and make it your passion

I’ve been a free man, before my ancestors knew of lashings

Preparing to quit, only means you shouldn’t have started

My knowledge will manifest the planet like various supermarkets



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