I’m the supply chain, operating on a different plane

The key to this game is to stay true and never change

Circumstances get redirected because I’m infinitely respected

I laughed at the emails when I got rejected

The market is full of propaganda and dumb niches

I sell books that are sweeter than peaches

I’m relaxing on beaches, not worried about new releases

Money is made in my sleep–I drain energy out of these leeches

Why should the grind stop and be stagnant?

That’s for quitters; shoutout to all of my intelligent vagrants

I get recognition from overseas every single day I rise

Diligence and dignity doesn’t feed my feeble pride

I will never care what others think of me

I have every writer in back of me, I left them stinking, see?

I’m catching bodies on the page like a true sage

I could make it physical, but I elevate to another stage

Producing words until my the last breath exits my lungs

Watching closely, which words roll of my tongue

Enlightening the darkness, breaking Satan’s skull

My work is ethereal, you won’t ever believe it’s dull

Say what you please, you don’t bless me when I sneeze

I keep getting hotter like higher degrees

I take full responsibility for the actions I commit

I work out intensely, to stay fit

Hitting the mark, vicious like four sharks

I only became successful because I anticipated many larks

Book sales come easy like the push of a button

I’m always willing to share; I’m not a glutton

Surrendering is for the weak, whom are fearful of waging war

I protect what’s mine, and even the score

Faith is a weapon that holds a high cost

I don’t need to prove I’m a boss–most believe I’m lost


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