Grind And Shine

I started off rich like a literary giant

I listened to God–society needs to stop being compliant

I’m not a rapper or a blessed musician

I’m a true artist, bringing all his dreams into fruition

Struggled for years, just to have food on the table

Law enforcement watch like cable, cause I created my own label

Jazz tunes keep me smooth, attuned with my groove

I have a lot to prove; privacy I won’t intrude

Misunderstood like treachery and illusions

I write the best of both world’s like east and west fusion

Cooking up poems like a culinary expert

You won’t steal the recipe, by studying my excerpts

Solipcism is a philosophy used for division

Zinora provided me strength, and deepened my vision

I’m speaking about my future daughter, as a beloved father

I trade resources within my system like barter

The devil’s grip stinks like fish

Deceiving you from the truth is his only wish

Beauty is a blinding view, disconnecting the heart

Show the world who you love, before you depart

Desolate, reducing the deficit is a prerequisite

Climbed into riches like a well-known executive

Directing the writing world with the touch of my fingers

Typing words with harmony like a singer

Hustling hard, I won’t give up the pen

I breathe the spirit of God, and knock out his jinns

I don’t need a nine-to-five to survive a drought

I worked contracts to invest in my brand, without a doubt

Reading is a crucial tool for prolific writing

The judge bangs the gavel; he doesn’t care who he’s indicting

Staying fit is sweet like dates with a pit

Planted on the throne I sit, manifesting my mysterious wit


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