Protect What’s Yours

Everything I have means: I’ve earned it

Bills come in 100’s; living the fast life so I burn it

Putting finances away for my son and daughter

Teaching them what the essence has, as a martyr

I put Allah first and don’t forget his irresistible, power

I realize my kids will see the last hour

Everything I write comes from the intelligence of the most high

I turn each word into a star and watch constellations disperse wise

King of Nova Scotia, I took the entire province over

The ladies run into my arms like red rover

I’m the nicest, you are lifeless

That’s why you don’t step and try to fight this

I’m still walking these streets, even though I have a vehicle

Murderers tell me: these people are fruits waiting to be peeled, bro

I hold them back and tell them when to go to war

Multiple homicides that are more filthy than a dirty whore

Money for free only defeats the value

Go for the and one, even if they don’t foul you

I know women, touching more hard wood than basketball

I’ll look after them, honorably until their casket calls

Heart full of pearls, voice of gold

Outlaws never do what they are told

I used to walk everywhere to accomplish goals

Now I sit in my Lexus counting cash rolls

The amount of steps I skipped was incredible

Yet I will always be considered as Mr. Pitiful

The fans say: you are the most underrated writer

I tell them: imagine me in the mainstream media posing like a fighter

The publicity comes either way like a bisexual

Everything I write has a purpose that’s contextual

The enthusiasm exits my protplasm like an unforgettable orgasm

All of these other writers hands are having muscle spasms


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