Grind To Climb

I’m under the sun shining bright, ready to fight

But I’d rather spread love, and fly like a kite

I don’t write to entertain, I do it solely for the culture

Envy against me is prevalent; they’re swooping down like a vulture

Yeah, I spoke about the cars, money, and mansions before it happened

2016: is all about inspiration and elevation–the truest captain

I know where I’m going, steadily growing

Writing words that’s overflowing, proving, and showing

The publishing industry didn’t want to open the doors

So I tore the hinges off, I have a loyal following out in Singapore

Logically, I write simplistic and complex

I go over heads, so I can stay fresh to death

The amount of hate I receive derives from the devils stead

Go against me, then all you do is bleed

Writing to gain direction, changing perceptions

I know cowards scared of their own reflection

I’m eating healthy like a supernatural bodybuilder

I’m so raw like a cigarette without the filter

Pharmaceuticals destroy the population, corrupt the land

I sift through communities like the smoothest sand

I plan to be richer than any Soprano

Increase my finances like Wells Fargo

The struggle had me feeling depleted and doomed

But I kept pushing to give my children the silver spoon

I treat every novel like birthing a new life

Prepare, execute, command, and demand like my future wife

Every single day I write words, and elevate my business

I brush my teeth in the morning, and see digits

I’m leaving the world with an indelible imprint

Lethal prose and verses like the finest indent

This is the year to make millions, to become stronger

I have a vicious nature, but only become calmer


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