The Next Don

I’m far from a philistine, I live serene

Creating greater visions, living in environments so pristine

Ninety-five percent of the people you deal with are waste

I expose the fraudulent, the look in my eyes tells them their fake

People want to claim what I write is an illusion

I write the truth, and disperse contusions

I don’t carry a gun for defence, I understand my extent

Enemies want to set me up, but instead I repent

I don’t have any weaknesses like Allah above us

He is the ruler of all affairs; He loves us

I see many, but they won’t see me

I open numerous doors, with different keys

I know how important hours are in a day

I can complete a million dollar dream like Sinatra–my way

Classical music, jazz, and hip hop inspires me

I even listen to rock in the midst of thinking quietly

Genius is a word that’s misused and can be disproved

But I’m intuitive, always in an acute groove

My brain doesn’t stop thinking; it isn’t shrinking

I fill my physical with tea and water–that’s what I’m drinking

Nobody can get in my way because I push them down

My mansion has a God view; meanwhile I run the town

Beautiful queens surround me, getting freaky like I’m pimping

I hold back the negativity to retention; comprehend true ascension

The history books are full of deception, trickery, and lies

My eyes are like a telescope, the way the stars increase my size

Putting together rhymes in a matter of seconds

Once the first one passes, I move onto another lesson

The greatest writers are teachers like Steinbeck said

He understood the importance of agriculture; knowledge well fed

My words bake bread and roll on to the next task

I sit on my balcony reflecting about life, sipping from my flask


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