Work Or Die

Signing contracts with the correct stipulations

My signature is made for elevation and inspiration

The education system teaches the importance of structure

A university degree doesn’t define intelligence in clusters

Credentials that certify you to work for the invisible hand

The demonic control ships in contraband

The seven people controlling funds and distribution

They truly believe they won’t see retribution

Living in another colony we don’t envision

These shareholders make more money locking people in prison

Read scripture, study history, live life, grind hard

Play the cards, shine brightly in the background like a crystal shard

Chasing paper makes the fools speak illusions

Illustrating a lavish life of royalty is what I’m proving

Dark clouds were hovering above me

God had taken away a lot, to make my life lovely

I have a small circle with vast connections

I laugh at rejection because I’m sweeter than confection

Social engineering has us focused on distractions

My third eye sees a vivid image that requires action

Every word I write is applied thoroughly and enjoyed

Tactical advantage with missiles to deploy

Intelligence is the true mark of beauty

I have a death grip on my queens booty

I break out the maze, blaze up some haze

Enter a brighter phase, capture the planet with my gaze

Listening closely to critics, so I can acquire more digits

I sense the negative energy; I can see when you are livid

The streets taught me to love hard work

Skilled at writing, hustling and going absolutely berserk

My style attracts millions like the estate by the lake

Lawless mentality: in order to take this cake


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