Dusk To Dawn

I treat ten dollars like its one hundred

Save my pennies, invest to become the summit

I stay on top of my horse like polo shirts

I’m a ladies man, but not really a big flirt

I treat money with respect, use great intellect

I reflect back on problems I didn’t accept

At least I learned many valuable lessons

Forgive and never forget; always remember to count your blessings

Writing at night is the feeling of gladness

Hypocrisy is madness, interlocked between pain and sadness

Parables described, you are what you decide

I got tired of struggling, the math wasn’t adding up to divide

Changed my perspective, implanted a keen discipline

My wrist and neck stays glistening

Humbled that I sold millions of copies

Novels with compelling potency like the movie Rocky

Hitting the bag, running sprints, I constantly repent

The spirit of God is within me–everlasting and heaven sent

Ghostwriting songs for five figure sums

Chump change to me; prose as sweet as plums

Everything I write is a hit like the mafia

Eating baked sweet potatoes, kale, and talipia

The dogs will eat, regardless of the food chain

I overlapped these writers like I have two brains

When the grim reaper calls I will be ready

Until then: I plan to work hard and celebrate like confetti

The great white north is a wonderful nation

The economic dependency is moronic and blatant

We have everything in our country getting extorted to be exported

Products get shipped back into the country claiming a shortage

Business mind: investing in agriculture for the determined future

The dividends come in rapidly like beats made by a producer


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