The Mecca Of Writing

Neoliberalism is what creates wars and cataclysms

You won’t question the invisible hand, but will question politicians decisions

They aren’t allowed to speak what happens behind closed doors on the news

Media outlets have the masses shocked and confused

Aboriginal children are finally being allocated fair finances

But if you ask me: that won’t create better chances

It doesn’t matter what platform the political party represents

Because they have friends within every network ready to commence

Conservatives, NDP, Liberals, Green Party is part of our assembly

Parliament is one of the main reasons why society has envy

The politics in each industry is brutal

Capitalizing off the public is crucial

Social engineering has turned people against each other

Most of these males don’t respect the conception of their mother

I know people who murder just to put food in their stomach

You need to know the worst, to become the best–completing the summit

I deal with my problems with people face-to-face

I push forward, move fast, and prevent the case

I kick it with my lawyers, not so they can obtain their money

But to build a name in litigation, and hop on the terrain like a bunny

These colonizers want to get rid of all of us

Teaching us to follow lust, ensuring no trust

I represent a pigmentation holding resilient delegation

But I’d rather deal with my problems on my own; no relegation

I used to believe that violence would push me further

Carried around a knife, knew where to get a burner

The pain had me feeling like a menace was the way to be

Thankfully, God opened my eyes so I could see

The addiction to making paper is real

I’m eating healthy meals, so I don’t have to steal

My first big check didn’t even come yet, but it’s going to be 1.5

I’ll be good outside the literary world, feeling attuned and alive


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