The Field

I run into people who knew the old me

I’m a shotcaller, who elevates like Kobe

They say they wish the best for me

But pray on my downfall, until the death of me

I’m going to outlive all of my friends and enemies

All I do is increase my energy like I mastered synergy

I’m the ace of spades, when wearing the Gucci shades

Moments fade but memories won’t be broken like a barricade

I was flat broke, trying to cope with infinite hope

Got on the dirty grind, and came out clean like soap

I worked five different jobs, during strange stages of my life

I’ve always been a boss, addicted to writing like a crack pipe

I used to spend it, before my hands touched paper

The people became faker, cause I was born to be a taker

Commanding respect, demanding each step

Seperated from the rest–I transformed into a larger threat

Cut from a cloth that is more rare than a blood moon

Shining at night like seleneology, controlling the platoon

The history books were written by crooks

They take tax-payers money, and spray chemicals on the food you cook

Changing my personality is a pointless practice

Demons are easy to see through like plastic

I’m humbled to be shown fake love for my sake

I hope these imposters repent, before I visit their wake

Zinora will be an explorer, classy style like fedoras

She will be singled out like a diaspora

I’m making sure she keeps her head up through the tough times

Her father will always have her back like my next rhyme

If she falls in love with a gangster, it will be hard to blame her

Marrying a man in my image is a no-brainer

I pray that the man is better than me

Cause I’ve walked in darkness, where I couldn’t see


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