Dreams come true, but I still have more to conquer

I’m doing radio shows for promotional sponsors

Sometimes they ask me questions about the streets

I tell them read my work before you get beat

Slaps and punches cause a financial discrepancy

I’m a fearless being, nobody can threaten me

I used to close my eyes and dream about travelling the planet

Now that I’m doing it, most don’t understand it

Truthfully: the haters and asinine don’t exist to me

They are ripped up textbooks that lie about history

My first book tour opened my eyes up to more connections

I learned more about different industries, from harmonious, introspection

Agriculture, restaurants, renewable energy, and lingerie

Certainties I’m becoming acquainted with to experience better days

I’m dreaming, whether I’m awake or sleeping

My demeanor is so clean, there isn’t any sweeping

Treasure Words, Collect Figures will be more valuable than Fortune 500 enterprises

Scotian Breeze is the movement, that incentivizes

Taking what belongs to me, nobody can subdue me

Allah knows I’m a sinner, but he’s never looking through me

I bring hope to the people, cause I’m bringing the heat

Fire in these words, so you envision a beat

I’m about to go ballistic, I’m not sadistic

The complexities of this world, breakdown to be simplistic

Excellent eloquence, stomping around like an elephant

Poetic, promoting my novels, while selling events

Book fairs equal signatures being written

I’m selling novels on the street to eradicate perdition

I’m from the country, so you can catch me fishing

But only Allah can catch me slipping

Each day I wake up, only becomes better

You say you know the queens I kick it with, but you never met her


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