No Days Off

Accomplishing dreams means: no days off

Even on vacation there’s no going soft

Working out, writing words, and enjoying life are the objectives

Health pays dividends, its undeniably effective

The sky tells a story in the fluff of each cloud

Crossing me will prove that you aren’t allowed

The wind blows, the precipitation snows

I pulverize my foes, take the scents from their nose

Memories are ingrained, sustained and reframed

My words entertain, explain and formulate disdain

The animosity only makes me stronger

I have no need for resentment, I will live longer

The grim reaper calls, but money calls first

I’ve experienced the worst, but I still quench your thirst

Propelling, never telling, calm I’m not yelling

Noise is a distraction, the world bank is intent on selling

The branding I engraved persuades

Promotional tour, writing chapters to engage

Entrepreneurial spirit, flourishing; jumping out of the cage

Real crooks don’t act under rage, they keep it wise like a sage

Put the world in a frenzy, receiving envy

My business has never been done before; nothing trendy

If you ain’t with me, you won’t defend me

But I’m not looking for recruits, the project won’t compute

I’m an author, poet, scriptwriter and dramatist

I will put out work in every market, there’s no harming wit

I can read the scenario like listening to a stereo

I plan on being a stuntman–not contracting anything venereal

Mental health is the most important factor

Look after yourself, you are truly spectacular

I override the best of them like an alarm

Investing in agricultural research, upgrading the farms

Driving in the Lexus, parking like time is metric

Cruising on the highways, I’m never dyspeptic


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