Stunting On These Haters

I’m hosting a soiree, drinking Bombay

You would think I’m hiding, knowing where the Don stays

I was serving the affluent, they told me I was sweet

I got into their bloodstream; my heart doesn’t skip a beat

Greatest storyteller, thug narrator, cherishing the creator

I wake up the dead like tomb raider

Transcending, the riches are always impending

I live these words I write–no need for pretending

The venomous snakes, the pharmaceutical poison

Prescriptions convince men they’re boys of sin

I only know how to stunt with my cars, clothes, and cash

I required strength and power from my shady past

I invested and made money outside the literary realm

When I entered the writing world, I rose straight to the helm

Black women get judged, nudged and eaten like fudge

Stereotyped as the roughest women to hold a grudge

The perception is foul like a mad diseased cow

I hit you with the left and finish with the right; pow pow

I put millions in my mind, by working hard

Before I die: my name will be on a boulevard

The train stops here when it comes to Nova Scotia

I’m wearing the crown, and will smoke ya

Dressed to impress, eradicating incest

Jealousy and envy I detest; born to be the best

Real men have an eternal essence, not swag

I have a worldwide G pass, ready to wave the flag

Penetrating the core of innovative synthesis

Presented a genesis, and gathered many apprentices

Nobody can block my shine or understand my grind

I escape from the physical constriction of any bind

Producing novels that will be in libraries forever

Words have content, substance, and a message full of treasures


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