Professional, exceptional, skipping past the line

I was so broke, I thought about reverting back to a life of crime

Once the door is closed, don’t reopen what’s deemed broken

It’s like having a monkey on your back, while quitting smoking

I receive calls and emails about scams and money

I thank them for the acknowledgement and laugh because I think its funny

Having an incredible future requires a rough past

I eat these authors up like I just finished a fast

Respite derives from the deepest insight

Philosophy practiced properly only brings delight

Why go against the grain you are given?

Disobey the ruler of all affairs, and you won’t continue living

I make sure everything I write is clear and concise

The world is shocked, reading a writer whose this nice

True leader, writing movies that will be sold out in theatres

Victory has a price like travelling every kilometre

I’m stellar whether I’m upstairs or chilling in the cellar

I’m far from an ordinary hood dweller; quotable like Helen Keller

Envisioning a brighter tomorrow today

I grind out words, stop and pray

The way I experience intense pain; people say I’m insane

I’ve been dead broke and never complained

The gratitude, acknowledgement, and love is what keeps me going

These verses are the reason why my blood’s flowing

I have an urge to commit a purge

Instead, I let my energy surge and converge

It takes a lot of tenacity and hustle to impress me

Intelligence is the truest indicator of being sexy

Queens get mistaken for hoes in this world of treachery

I’m forever thankful that God is blessing me

I was the only one who understood my happy destiny

I write words that make you higher than ecstasy




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