Build And Destroy

I used to be addicted to the life of a gangster

I love a good joke, but I’m not a prankster

Rearranged my hustle, so I transformed it into words

I’ve come to take what I rightfully deserve

A slow year for me will be fifty million

I’m building an empire that’s sleek and thrilling

The greatest gifts are those which culminate freedom

I love money, but love God more from the AM to the PM

I don’t feel remorse, but understand repentance of the soul

I’m sweeter than juice that’s dole, and stay in control

Cold hearted like a blizzard crushing the land in winter

The reason why I received a queen, is because heaven sent her

Prayer and hope can go a long way

But if you aren’t willing to work hard, don’t expect better days

I am consistent on making the impossible happen daily

Every day I get million dollar scams e-mailing me

Literary objective: revamp the entire notion of writing

Only produce stories, prose, and verses that are exciting

Listen to those whom have experience in the field

Increase the percentages of every dividend yield

Creating a campaign that goes down smoothly like champagne

Artistry painting a brighter fame; dropping hope like rain

Sexism and racism is how the monarchy divides us

They trick people into investing in lust

My third eye made me shine, committed a life of crime

But I redirected my life, with a business mind

Murdering these pages, exposing the fraudulent writers

Every day I make my prose and verses tighter

Progression is in session like God dispersing blessings

An infinite form of protection, eliminating pointless stressing

Ripping the devils neck apart, watching him bleed slowly

I have a precise vision, and lethal shot like Kobe


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