The Next Chapter

I had a lot of bad chapters

Experienced circumstances that my mind couldn’t capture

After deep reflection, I found the hidden blessings

I felt absolutely doomed, the environment was so depressing

The bank accounts were in a negative balance

I started to rise gracefully to the challenge

Changed the situation around, tremendously

Tactics of order that were executed stupendously

I never understood why the struggle was so rough

What I know is that it made me tough

The maze of deception had been beaten senseless

My words started engineering public interest

Many people laughed, told me I wouldn’t make it

I knew all along I would thrive, I just had to take it

Nobody nicer than I; I’m taking all of the pie

I have no need to lie, physics I defy

There were many times I felt like crying

Eradicated perils, I thought I was dying

The apartments weren’t cutting it for me

I needed more, so I could revitalize the story

Going after what you need brings a lot pain

It’s a damn shame, what some authors bring to the game

I support all the authentic writer’s, and I hope they continue stacking

I made the incision, and exposed you because your metaphors were lacking

Positioned myself for affluence and larger connections

I gave the writing world supreme direction

The dark clouds wouldn’t stop following me around

I was going in circles like a merry-go-round

Looking for support in all the wrong places, wasn’t trusting the faces

I changed my route completely; my life became aces

Once I was an undeniable literary success

The whole world knew whose prose is the best


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