I Won’t Quit

I entered the maze, it was only a phase

I found my way through, because of my gaze

Dreaming of real estate and restaurant money, when I was dead broke

I always knew I would get paid like the ignition of cigarette smoke

Quitting wasn’t an option, I looked failure in the face

Changed pace, crafted my verses right like a shoe lace

Paralysis is what I send out to imposters

God, family, unity, and enhancements of the culture is what I foster

Remained positive and optimistic in the most dreary scenarios

I’m greater than the lakes in Ontario

Being a writer and entrepreneur isn’t easy

But I make it look effortless and breezy

Only certain kinds of individuals are made for this grind

Writing seven days of the week is an author defined

Working out six days of the week, resting on one

Eating like a beast has been my rule of thumb

The drizzle pours down on my dome

The streets is no place to call home

A destiny is achieved by beliefs and impeccable habits

You don’t get anywhere trying to be a savage

I’m way above average, was born to live lavishly

I truly love the haters who are mad at me

Illustrating ideas, insinuating iconic institutions

Operating on opulent orders, opening up beneficial contributions

Wasting time is reliant on whining and complaining

Every poem and novel I write is incredibly entertaining

Staying attuned to the world around me

I swim with sharks; travel with wolves in every county

I get hungrier every day that I rise to the occasion

Orchestrate invasions, sell books with persuasion

Selling millions of copies was only the beginning

The False Reality Of Martin and Ladies Prism are eternally winning


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