Revival Of The Soul

Athena’s Combustion is an eruption in every discussion

I create and deploy–ready to build off destruction

Writing stories that give readers goosebumps

I hear a lot of people talking loose like foolish chumps

I feel myself because I believe in myself

Gripping this freelance money, to heighten my wealth

I don’t battle, I just plan to win the war

All of my words soar, open doors, enter your pores

Strength derives from my core like a lion’s roar

I made pounds, euro’s, and dollars off my promotional book tour

I know how to throw a lethal punch, serve you lunch

Stack figures when the reaper calls, and puts me in a crunch

Who cares about the mansions, women, jewelry, and fancy cars

Obedient puppets to the devil, whose heart is blacker than tar

I’m not worried about the city police, they can’t see me

I write fiction so well, people don’t believe me

Hoping, wishing, and praying are essential, but won’t breed results

You need to work hard, and not rely on defaults

The only way to reach new altitudes is have a positive mood

My mind helps me eat food–a businessman superbly shrewd

If I’m on my phone it means I’m working towards a higher level

I’m hot like a kettle, tougher than metal, my foot is on the pedal

The only person I rely on is myself, but you won’t do it alone

Love is how I live in peace, and upgrade my homes

I outgrew 99% of the people I grew up with; thank God

Assembling a team of professionals, luring them in like a fishing rod

I don’t call people for favours; nor do I expect anything back from a good deed

I’m just a loyal man whose existence is the rarest breed

If anyone has a problem with me I’m ready to eliminate them

I ask for forgiveness, because in order to write this I had to sin

I won’t post pictures on this blog, I let my words paint them

Reviewers bash with no credit; who’s going to rate them?


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