Winning Team

I only surround myself with authentic winners

I’d rather struggle to eat, than eat with rudimentary sinners

The only time you see me in the city is when I’m making money

I don’t let the fraudulent take it; my days are sunny

When the rain descends it establishes an end

I won’t conform, I set my own trends

There’s nobody nicer with the pen than I

I see everything like a spy; I’m delicious and so fly

Life only gets better from being remarkably humble

All of my words are upon you like stumble

People are spending their last ten dollars on a gram of weed

Use the money to benefit you–why buy into greed?

The hardest times are far behind me

The dark clouds left and now I’m shiny

I’m only into true authors whose constancy is passion and substance

Content innumerable, the message is promised under a covenant

I write what God inspires me to put out for the people

I don’t follow a set of rules, so every word is lethal

Sustaining a greater cause that deserves applause

Ninety-five percent of these writers are liars like Santa Claus

Marketing products that have the potency of cocaine

Promoting a brand that’s touching spirits like soul train

Literary legends speak to me in my dreams

They inspire me to write ill themes like killer Queens

The mansions, the clothes, the cars, the jewelry

Are just bonuses to following my dreams, I don’t get engulfed in tomfoolery

Materialism destroys the strength and courage of the soul

Buying into gimmicks won’t make your heart whole

The fiercest tiger, malicious lion, and the most hungry wolf

I tear swine to pieces and decimate the hoof

There’s a lot of love in this cold, twisted world

The key is to find a passion more valuable than diamonds and pearls


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