Literary Wonder

Literary objective with God-given directives

I pick what I indulge, I’m very selective

Angels descend down from the heavens and leave me breathless

Demons grin, smirk, and act like they’re respected

But they hate in the shadows, fighting a useless battle

I put money into live stocks like cattle

The advertisements are corny; showing deprecation

They thrive off you buying into a brand and a nation

Live the truth, cherish structure, harness discipline

Your life will be more dangerous than nitroglycerin

Nobody will be able to stop you like a speeding bullet

Crossing me is like firing a gun before you pull it

Make the importance of impossibility become possible

Own up to your actions, be held culpable

The perfect storm hit the scene when I arrived

My mission is to unify, not conquer and divide

Getting everything you desire is not what you require

Devote your life to a passion, so you can rise higher

I never had ruthless intentions, but moving on is all about ascension

I tried to bring people with me, but they got trapped in another dimension

The only time you elaborate on a question is through research

Only answer what’s asked, so you don’t revert

I look for genuine speakers, who have Allah in their features

I plan on donating back to the children, and the gifted teachers

Searching for what you won’t find is a waste of time

Don’t complain, just get on your grind to shine

I predict the future accurately, I know where I’m going

I see those who are miserable, it’s showing

Getting angry at yourself about others wealth is weak-minded

You care about looking good, but your soul is lost, you can’t find it

The truth hurts; it’s seriously bad enough

Why lie like a possesed demon, to claim that your tough?


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