Elements Of Discipline

Discipline is one of the seven keys to success

I will be controlling a billion dollar empire, before I get put to rest

I write for the streets, underground, queens and underdogs

The wisest sage on the page; what you wonder is fog

Wisdom begins with wonders, I’m louder than thunder

The excellence of execution is the only time I’m going under

Bank account was negative and debt was piling

I worked hard for years, so now I’m styling

I had no food in my fridge for weeks, I could barely manage

My stomach rumbled every hour; I was, severely famished

No fruits or vegetables in my intestines, imagine the damage

If my writing were a gun, I would blast and brandish

The lies can’t break family ties, no matter how many tries

I seek the prize because I’ve heard all the cries

Rising and grinding everyday like a boardslide

I started shining two years after–plugging in the cord, with a hasty stride

While the poker games and dice keep rolling

I beat the odds like a clean strike in bowling

Genius and beautiful are the two most overused words

But I represent the epitome of opulence, I have cash on reserve

Prepared to get in a fist fight; it’s clinched tight

Steel will rock your jaw, time to say goodnight

I’m kind to everyone but only show love to authentic gestures

These are the true fans, who value my lectures

I’m on an entirely different plateau, as an entrepreneur

When in doubt, I can make your conscious assured

Scotian Breeze is the movement, bulldozing the competition

Treasure Words, Collect Figures is the company, igniting my position

The blank page keeps me company, you aren’t stumping me

Animals aren’t hunting me, cause most people in the world are fronting fees

Paying for their own deception, by disobeying the mirrors reflection

I don’t have to pay for protection, cause I have a luxurious perception


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