Create A Path

I don’t have a writing notebook, I create stories from my mental

I write a descriptive outlook of the atmosphere, covering what’s essential

The maze tried to trap me, but I beat it

When I fell down, I only rose higher, I won’t be defeated

Haters try to bring me down like a waterfall

I’m concentrated on my literary journey, like the swish of a basketball

I’m going straight to the money, making no stops

Before I even started I knew I was going to be on top

Ladies Prism is coming to romance the world, graciously

The False Reality Of Martin devoured the literary scene, voraciously

Millions of copies sold on a digital scale

When the books were published, they were more popular than e-mails

The distribution deal took a lot of thinking and wise planning

I wasn’t going to let the industry rob me like cheap scamming

Hustle hard and follow your dreams; God will make it happen

In the worst of times I was happy and constantly laughing

The success was so close, it touched my lips

I loved the feeling like it was the sweetest kiss

I feel flattered that people see the need to show me fake love

Don’t try to talk business when we’re in the club

Asinine movements are what create stagnation

It’s a shame that most stand still and yearn for a vacation

I’ve been up all night writing, devoted to the page

I won’t be locked in a cage, cause I don’t act off of rage

I go hard at everything I do, I put my soul into it

These fools operate transparently, expecting you not to see through it

Sensational wordsmith, literary behemoth, business tycoon

I’m a giant like New York; tropical like typhoons

I have work in the vault, ready to be revealed

First: I’m just branding my company for public appeal

Marketing products so well they’re sold before creation

I’m going to travel on a promotional book tour across the nation


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