I have places to travel, more minds to unravel

Ruling the courts like I just banged the gavel

My circle is smaller than a period

I’m riding on these writers like a chariot

I have new faces to meet; wonderful people to greet

Connections to make that’s hotter than scorching heat

Miserable people used to claim they had my back

The jealousy made them lie, I saw through that

Maturing, praying, improving, moving, building

I have a protective force around me like unbreakable shielding

Twenty years from now I’ll still be looking seventeen

A Godly benefit of fulfilling my mission, chasing my wildest dreams

My enemies stare at me looking dumbfounded

That’s because my words have them surrounded

Activated the mechanism, that dispersed influential, royal visions

Conducting business, cashing seven figure checks, making wise decisions

I set my mind to a grind that persevered through time

I’m one of a kind, I knew what would be mine

Destined to shine like the sun beaming on the earth

I stomped through new turf, proving what I’m worth

Taking advantage of me is like driving down the wrong lane

You’ll crash faster than the London Stock Exchange

Bought out a condominium in Toronto

I’m speaking on the future, but want it pronto

Relationships withered away to nothing; they lost me

It was a huge mistake: stressful and costly

Pushing forward, penetrating optimistic lenses

Deep down I always knew my real friends like crime scene forensics

I cut off the diseases and toxic conversations

Focused on articulate, insightful communication

Started monopolizing my life like the board game

I made smart investments, to anticipate the money train


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