International Superstar

I know how to hustle and reinvent innovative solutions;

Every word has a message, breeding eloquent evolution/

Married to a divine grind, refining rough times,

Controlling a sublime mind, promoting a lifestyle brand bigger than Heinz.

Branching into different industries, capitalizing on other avenues,

I have an unsullied heart, but I can be a straight savage too.

I’m around hustlers, killers, athletes, and artists,

I even kick it with my lawyers, before the fees are departed.

Writing poems, until I enter the kingdom of God,

My books are being distributed like the iPod.

Moving in silence, blocking out societies defiance,

I put my life behind my business; call it stable reliance.

I have fans spread throughout every continent,

The avowed enemy is flabbergasted by the astonishment.

Notebooks and binders full of stimulating poetry,

A queen taught me about brains by blowing me.

Stick up kids aren’t robbing me for a bite to eat,

I track their meet, and place them in the dirt below their seat.

I’m impacting the environment, globally like Niomi Klein,

I’ve learned to take what’s mine, accept the past and shine.

Why change for money when you can shine like a star?

If writing were golf, my shot would be a hole in one; other writers are barely on par.

Dominating, dictating, directing the motion picture,

My writing is a drug, antidote and healing elixir.

Companies wouldn’t hire me, I started running my own ship,

Besides literary success, there are millions of other opportunities to get rich.

Saving money before I spend, calculating my ends,

I don’t have time to make amends, but I wish the world for my old friends.

The new circle I created, proved to the world I’m the greatest,

There isn’t any writer better than me; it won’t be debated.

Preparing for the uncomfortable, barely getting any sleep,

I got my weight up, like a linebacker bulldozing through the heat.


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