I capture moments that are ahead of my time,

What I define is the essence of a relentless grind.

The odds are dead set against me, so I beat them,

Aboriginals are marginalized in my country, legislation mistreats them.

You read struggles, pain, trials and tribulations in my poetry,

I learn about the publishing industry, I don’t need people showing me.

I’m open to listen and take advice if you’re ahead in life,

Experienced a lot of strife to find my future wife.

I got accused of being lost and a liar,

In order to save my life I had to pass through the fire.

Lunch at the CN Tower is just a business meeting,

Another annual report like seasons greetings.

Women need to stop trying to play boys,

Breeding another senseless dog to employ.

Conforming is made for the cheaters and weaklings,

Creating an unforgettable wave like your first encounter with the precinct.

Reading less than I’m writing cause work matters,

A huge dreamer, I don’t fill my mind with clatter.

I have love for everyone, but I’m loyal to the true believers,

Whenever I’m around its like watching a movie in theaters.

Screenwriting award; winning motion pictures,

The checks are correct from studying scriptures.

I made sure to get a number of plays under my belt,

The audience was in tears, it was so heartfelt.

When you realize you can’t be stopped, you’re a threat,

I put blood, sweat, and years into every set.

I remember not even having a dollar to my name;

But I knew I would be filthy rich like LeBron James.

The law written in our nature is irresistible,

I multiply my racks, create anamolies not so typical.

I guarantee I write faster than any author alive,

I built Scotian Breeze from nothing, I was feeling deprived.

Treasure Words, Collect Figures is my life summarization,

Taking over the publishing industry doesn’t require justification.

The only being moving me is Allah and myself,

The only reason I capitalized was from knowledge-of-self.

I only choose to be surrounded by the presence of pretty women,

The mental creates the physical, I’m doing things heavy like Ronnie Coleman.

Sports, fitness, discipline and determination will save you;

The mind will be sharper, so the buffoons won’t play you.

I sell books on the streets to strangers,

I survey the geographical area, thoroughly like a park ranger.

Loonies, toonies, fives, tens, and twenties,

I take it any way I can get it to obtain plenty.

Unbelievably grateful for what I earned;

When I’m driving on the highway I take a sharper turn.

Analyzing the technicalities and legalities, understanding reality;

Most say I’m delusional, but they work for a salary.

Perfecting my craft, your girl is licking my shaft,

The head is so sensational, she can’t be daft.

Classy behavior to my adversaries and neighbours,

Harvesting on the farm, doing manual labor.

I won’t ask for favors cause I’m the savior,

I’m from an era where my generation doesn’t know of pagers.

Stay tuned for my ode to Langston Hughes;

I instill a positive mission, I guarantee you won’t feel used.

Celebrating in the club popping bottles;

Bagging models with my foot on the throttle.

I don’t get involved with females, unless we’re friends first;

Jump into a pool of lust and drown in hurt.

Sunday is the beginning of the week for me,

I’m refreshingly cool like iced tea.

The ambition of a go-getter battles the storm,

The grind has flawless form, my books sell faster than porn.


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