Ring Bells

My name rings bells like my surname,

As soon as I entered this game, I made a thoroughbred lane.

I’m strong like a horse, getting more green than a golf course,

I’m cold like an icicle, when I call the drop I have no remorse.

I always ask for forgiveness, to abstain from sins;

All of these impish grins from people acting as fake friends.

The mirror doesn’t lie, the pain was a war cry,

I was asking God why, when I was a child I used to be shy.

I was analyzing scenerios and didn’t trust people,

I persevered through the prequel to provide an extraordinary sequel.

Living an extravagent life is all about confidence and sacrifice,

I’m an old school shooter like Glen Rice.

Everyone wants dollars but have no work ethic,

I out work these authors; my time is on another clock being accepted.

They want the perks associated with money,

I just want the paper whether it’s storming or sunny.

I keep a low profile, you know my style,

I’m a lunatic; no pseudonyms, pen name is Kyle.

I fell in love with books at the age of six,

I was ahead of my time like the architect laying down bricks.

I procure refer by the pound like a boxing round,

The cops won’t catch me cause I don’t make a sound.

All of my income is legal and legitimate,

Even when it’s lustful I still get passionately intimate.

Dressed in all black when I reach the club,

Bottle service, chain glistening, the after party is sex and a foot rub.

The only people who inspire me are the ones collecting figures,

Money is power, all it did was make me bigger.

Most people don’t want me to grow taller,

But it’s all part of rejuvenation and being a baller.

There’s no secret to getting paper,

I need it like a professional debater.

The hunger only grew immensely after my first big check,

My life was a wreck and I made it simply fresh.

I had a rack saved up, but I treat that like pennies,

God gave me essence to influence many, thankful for plenty.

I touch different demographics like a researcher;

My queen carries weapons but they never search her.

True leaders have fans in junior high across the globe,

I wake up to a view of the city and throw on my Polo robe.


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