Overwhelming The Competition

The competition can’t even compete with my prepositions

I write for love and respect; not for recognition

I miss my old friends, we won’t chill or speak

God has a plan for me, cause it’s him I seek

Assembling a team of precise, punctual professionals

I take control of every facility like correctional

My habitual states cater to mansions by the lake

I open up heavens gate, to move at a faster pace

Being busy is the only lifestyle I will enjoy

The benefits of being fiscally responsible and self-employed

I reminisce a lot about mistakes in the past

The newest Don, and I won’t be the last

I could be dead sober and put bullets through your head

Cut your body up, and laugh after your dead

But I prevent the beast from erupting

I focus on a fly vibe, with sensual seduction

I’m comfortable with being misunderstood

I’m one of a kind, I have no need to knock on wood

Solitude is a prerequisite for superior writing techniques

Haters energy I deplete, because my mission is complete

A true visionary with a perfectly crafted itinerary

Storyteller, captivating words that are the most literary

My hometown is a dark cloud full of jealousy

Locals going against the king is only selling me

My soul, heart, essence and passion bleeds ink everlasting

I paint pictures that don’t require a caption

I meet a lot of queens who hustle with supreme muscles

Their voices are sweet like chocolate truffles

Building an infrastructure that’s valuable like gold clusters

I excel off the excellence of strength I harness and muster

I created an empire that had no choice but to accumulate millions

Annihilating goals like true hustlers from Walkley and Fielding


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