Everywhere I go I get scornful stares;

My confidence and determination is on a tear.

There’s no acting on this side, I think it’s odd;

Only kings and queens represent my squad.

Created a whole new circle, cause I acquire haters,

I let God in to get this paper; I’m the taker.

Serious face, but I’m smiling under my skin,

I strike down these writers like bowling pins.

The False Reality Of Martin went viral for survival;

Records were broken, history was made like tribal.

Ladies Prism made a million in its first week;

Classic romance literature with a twist is what you seek.

These were only digital sales that happened online;

When I signed my distribution deal, I knew it was my time.

The physical copies were being printed like newspapers;

Daily readers and buyers, creating my own land like acres.

Found a manager who was genuine; she booked my tour;

Staying in luxury hotels on the top floor.

The stars at night lit up the entire sky,

I was so thankful that I kept my family ties.

I love to share the spotlight, I’m not greedy;

What a beautiful scene when your queen feeds me.

Ladies man, who can capture a soul with one look,

The rapture is like an ill hook or enthralling book.

I stay up for seventy-two hours straight,

Just to finish a novel that won’t self-destruct.

I like being sleepy with a few racks in my pocket,

There’s nobody on planet earth that can stop it.

I write complete truths and manifest the proof,

I will catch a body quick; always ready to stab or shoot.

I’m one of the dirtiest men you’ll ever encounter,

Treasure Words, Collect Figures is the life, I’m also the founder.


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