The Awakening

I was down to my last dollar like an empty bank account;

Digging yourself out of a hole takes a large amount.

But I did what people counted me out for,

I felt the money in my pores, kept dreaming about a book tour.

I didn’t leave the neighborhood for months;

Why do you think I hunt down predators to stunt?

The times were rough, I knew they would finish,

I made other writers diminish, so I could replenish.

Focused on the come up from dusk til the sun comes up,

I always knew I would be one up; nobody will run up.

The kush keeps me focused, leading the pack,

I’m a wolf, lion, tiger, and bear that’s a fact.

Don’t get engulfed with rumors and deception;

Change your direction for enhanced introspection.

God will make you fearless by his command;

He will never work against you, understand?

Rubberbands over my hundreds, counting up,

I don’t have to act, I know I’m tough.

I write slogans that implant in the minds of the youth,

The lines are healthy like the sweetest fruit.

I’ve never seen a man I was scared of in my life,

I have a deeper sight that dissects the hype.

Life isn’t real without problems,

I write colorful, vibrant images like the leaves in autumn.

I miss Montreal, I miss DG,

I even miss Fielding and Walkley.

The grind didn’t show instant results,

But it revolved thoroughly around positive thoughts.

I made my life exactly what I envisioned,

The thoughts entered my mind and I made great decisions.

I failed so many times I lost count,

Even before I was successful I got ladies like the Mount.


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