Business Trips

I’m flying to Dubai, faded on a kush high,

If I fail, I get back up and retry.

Pushing a Bentley for the hell of it; getting Arab money;

I grind during rainy days, sleet, snow or if it’s sunny.

I came a long way from being broke at the bus stop;

I maintain my physique like a clean desktop.

All I ever wanted was to travel the world and conduct business;

Just so I could give back to my province, with God as my witness.

The soldiers leave cold cases, no traces.

They count their paces, faces won’t be identified like the races.

Of course I acted dumb stupid when I saw my first million,

But I never forgot who I was, and helped out the children.

I was content with no money and my stomach rumbling;

All I had was a bed in the living room, life was crumbling.

I knew I was destined for much more, by taking a leap of faith,

During the process my mom thought I was a disgrace.

But I didn’t care though, cause I ain’t no weirdo;

I’ve been working to be a legend, not the hometown hero.

I setup a barbecue for the children, handed out school supplies and books;

My chain was glistening, I saw the haters looks.

They showed me fake love, but thought about robbing me,

I’m a problem and there’s no solving me.

Toured the country to promote my books, stopped in almost every province,

I crossed the border, and took more bread to be honest.

I told my manager we need to revamp my next campaign,

I started thinking strategically, had another enterprise on my brain.

I’m on the farms helping the farmers with harvest season,

I make every move for a specific reason.

Got my hands into agriculture for the future,

I used to want to stick up restaurant’s, as a shooter.

Thankfully, I found a better way to get started,

I’m kind to everyone, but I’m extremely cold hearted.


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