My Career

I write all night, drinking tea, before you realize I’m basking in the sunlight,

I make sure every sentence has a perfected eloquence–done right.

In order to pursue literary greatness, you must make replacements;

Sacrifices, responsibilities, so your time can take off like a space station.

Business with Triads isn’t a joke, but it brings me hope;

Sometimes I think I’ll leave this world strangled by a rope.

But that’s just the devil whispering illusions,

I break his neck, and stay on the grind, so I’m improving.

The struggle is difficult, but it creates a spectacular destiny,

You won’t stop the perfect storm; God keeps blessing me.

Being a player and a baller doesn’t necessarily make you a shotcaller,

You can get lost quickly in making all these dollars.

Find a queen and spoil her like bad milk,

I put my soul into these verses; incredibly heartfelt.

I’m going to start adding prose articles to my blog;

Just so I can reach a new demographic and disappear in the fog.

I’m a superhero, one of the coolest men you’ll ever meet,

I’m comfortable at night, moving around like a creep.

The saga won’t stop no matter what misfortunes befall upon me;

Most of the time you’ll catch me alone, because I’m a one man army.

I’m working hard to die a billionaire; your issues I don’t really care,

I swear I’m in a league of my own; my breed is beyond rare.

I stay up for nights on end just to complete projects;

Yeah, I’m a publishing problem, and nobody can solve it.

Do you honestly believe I can be stopped?

The truth is: I cannot be topped or shot.

Every time my pen touches paper I become greater;

Ringleader of this circus; acquire an abundance of haters.

I made the written word my addiction like love,

I’m protected by angels above like a cut up hand in a glove.

I feel like Nas the way I’m hustling hard for the number one spot,

I learn graciously from my mistakes, and elevate every thought.


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