Her Smile


Her smile could light up the night sky like the stars do. The illumination is a real depiction of God’s light shining, brightly. The vibrant and vivacious nature that she carries could outweigh the weight of the world’s problems. This is what true queens do, when they’re focused on the treasures of their lives. We all get lost when God shuffles the deck, but rearranging the cards to your liking is an indispensable quality. Adversity only breeds greatness, when utilized in a positive manner. These are a few attributes that this woman’s smile shows me; it’s like breathing in the freshest breath of air off the coast of a sunny ocean.

The capacity she possesses is a disguise. The mysteriousness is a calling. The attraction isn’t fatal, but it’s compelling. The wind calls her name, gently. The waves rush against her chest and call her home. She isn’t the best-kept secret; however, everything she brings to the table is activated under an esoteric notion of compassion and enthusiasm. The energy is infectious, addictive, and borderline obsessive. These are the wonderful ways of her actions. All of this exudes from her smile. She has a gift that lights up the world, but nobody sees but me.

A yearning sadness is what pain consists of, intrinsically. Melancholy subsides only when I see her smile. These are the rough times. The times we believe there’s no way out; that we’re doomed to repeat the cycle–which is the furthest thing from the truth–but sometimes what grabs a hold of you isn’t only gold and silver. The finer things in life have designs to be sought after, cherished, loved, and have no monetary value on them. What is a price tag? It’s definitely not something that can be put on her smile. I assure you it’s a complete impossibility. She rises like a phoenix out of the ashes when she gets out of bed in the morning. Beauty rest or not; she tries her best to stay afloat among the treachery and evils of this world.

This is a battle, not a war. The war has already been fought and won, but the battle is directly in front of her view. The lens is cracked, her vision isn’t clear. She must push through in order to change lanes. What was once comfortable, no longer gives her satisfaction. The principles of evolving are stuck in her mind. She doesn’t know where to start; all she understands is that something needs to give. She must look towards a higher purpose for herself, because without it, the darkness will envelop her soul. She needs to embrace what will make her ascend. Her smile is becoming weaker. The effervescence is building on the inside. After she surpasses the tasks at hand, only then will her spirit be uplifted to a better place.

Will she make it there? How is she going to conquer her hardships, trials, and tribulations? Are there going to be numerous obstacles on the path she decides to take?

All of these questions shall be answered during my next post: The Drive. I’m adding more prose to my blog, so I can attract more readers. I hope you enjoyed. Stay tuned for the continuation of this story.



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