Beezy Season

Young, gifted, determined to make a major difference,

I write my thoughts into existence; harbouring persistence.

My connection to God is closer than books on the bookcase,

I hit the scene and leave without a trace.

Creating my own storm, you’ve been warned,

I leave writers bodies broken and torn.

Focused on making people smile, brightly,

I’m not one to be taken lightly.

Survival mode isn’t what I was born to live for;

Strengthening my core, sweating droplets through my pores.

You can never work too hard, but you can definitely be too lazy;

Master the art of confidence and get called crazy.

I’m completely sure of myself–activated plan A,

I don’t have use for a plan B; I will see the figures multiply in May

I’ve grown into a larger individual, who collects residuals,

The only words I write are biblical; I could leave you in a condition that’s critical.

I’d rather switch lanes and stay peaceful;

When I speak the truth, I get told I’m deceitful.

The truth makes people angry who are living a lie,

I just smoke my kush and get high.

Formulate an action plan that’s financially in demand

Everyday I expand, conquer land–do you understand?

My books could sell on toilet paper, cause I’m the shit;

Wealthiness is about options–straight cash means you’re rich.

Writing comes naturally because I was born with the gift to speak;

Extending my reach, I have the hustlers spirit you can’t teach.

I close my eyes and see myself travelling on tour,

I’m ready to open up my wings and soar.

Literary legend, but my business tactics will overshadow the power of my words,

I don’t pay any attention to defamation; they say this, that, and the third.

The waves are crashing against the shore, I’m praying for more;

I’m only focused on love, connections and books I adore.



2 thoughts on “Beezy Season

  1. So, at first I thought “smoke kush” was a reference to Jason Cushman’s HaRsh ReaLiTy blog. 🙂 I thought, “Wow, someone wrote a rap about him!” HA!

    I found you on his blog, by the way.


    1. Comical. I could write something about him, but he holds his own. I’m glad you were able to connect with me through his blog. I really enjoy and appreciate what he does for the blogging community. Have a wonderful day.


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