I’m ready for the finest things known to man,

I deserve a life of opulence; no need for contraband.

The sunny days got dark like a cold night alone in the park;

When I touch the blank page I make sure I leave a mark.

The underdog is going straight to the top, I won’t stop,

I’m like a rabbit the way I skipped stages staying on the hop.

I’m the MVP when it comes to this writing profession,

I’m here for a long time, teaching the next generation lessons.

There are teenagers overdosing on drugs, babies starving;

This is due to the invisible hand of capitalism’s carvings.

Certain children don’t know the difference between good and bad;

They grow up to be adults who don’t understand their emotions; how sad.

Failure is a part of success, but it doesn’t seek public interest,

The media speaks highly of you when you aren’t under duress.

Chasing dreams by any means necessary like Malcolm X said,

I have a different destiny, I will be well-fed.

Praying for the state of the world to change,

But it isn’t going to, unless you see your dreams within range.

If you want something to change make sacrifices and uphold new responsibilities;

This isn’t just growing up, it’s about expanding your abilities.

I can see the difference between jealousy and real love–there’s a fine line

I age gracefully like white wine, and redefine the definition of shine.

If you aren’t willing to lose then you’ll never win;

It’s easy to get lost in this world of sin.

The only thing I need swollen is my pockets,

The game I’m going to lock it, the take off is faster than a rocket.

I’m here for a real reason, not just to live within the midst of the seasons;

What I write is so powerful it will give you a brain lesion.

When it comes writing I have concocted a secret recipe,

I’m taking the cake, and thankful for the most high blessing me.

I write for the readers, not the monetary gain,

I advance through the pain and drop more hope than rain.



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