Being A Rarity Is Clarity

I was told I wouldn’t make it to sit on the throne,

But I was concentrated on making mansions my home.

Writing rejuvenated my soul, put me in demand like a stripper pole;

The bread was on a roll, and my energy got accused of being darker than coal.

We go through a lot of craziness just to strive and thrive,

I thank God every single day that I’m alive.

I can envision a decision and make it my way of living,

This profession is much bigger than me, so I’m always giving.

Exasperation is an invitation to formal degradation;

2016 is all about inspiration and elevation.

I will continue to win once I reach a surplus,

The most high is always willing to appreciate service.

The reaper calls my name, but he won’t capture me,

I will live long, and do the unthinkable because of my energy.

Days are covered with the blankets of clouds,

Getting foolishness past me isn’t allowed.

Lunging forward through the senseless violence and massacre,

I’m dedicating this to Zinora, I’m going to master her.

Serious author with a swift demeanor, trying to move cleaner;

You become nicer, and the public swears you’ve gotten meaner.

Hope, hustle and grind made me a self-published phenomenon,

I created novels, short stories, and poetry more popular than ComicCon.

Immense dreams will only take you to the highest level,

I’m moving rocks and you’re barely pushing pebbles.

If you want to ball hard, then work harder and play smart;

Extract all of the purest qualities from your heart.

I’m like a dragon the way my pen leaves a trail of fire,

You need to prove yourself, if you’re available for hire.

It takes a lot to impress me, but if you do I’m loyal until death;

Barely sleeping so I can breathe money like cess.

I will be making movies, collaborating with actresses and models,

Even when I’m asleep, my foot is on the throttle.




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