I’m underground, beneath the concrete like the sewers;

These women are so fake, I see directly through her.

These rules apply to the men too, with their treachery;

Understand you won’t stop God from blessing me.

I’m ready to swing on anyone and knock them out flat;

My fists make an impact like running into steel bars, you rat.

Racks only make more racks, that’s a fact,

Investments are what will put you on top.

I’m dropping some brief financial knowledge;

Mental slavery needs to be abolished.

The creative process is daunting and demanding,

But it leads to a positive path of deeper understanding.

Tearing apart all of these fraudulent writers, only the real survive;

Selling books is all about running a smooth enterprise.

I work like I haven’t eaten a meal in five years,

I can expose the depths of your deepest fears.

I forgive myself everyday because we all make mistakes,

I push forward and ask for God’s grace.

When the rain pours down it makes me cosmic,

I touched the moon, and gave every word polish.

I’m a connected man, successful made mogul;

Even when I was down and out, I was incredibly hopeful.

I felt successful before the success arrived,

My soul derives from the illest tribe.

Haters try their best to infiltrate and connive,

But I’m a wise guy like Joe Pesci; future winner of the Nobel Prize.

I could jump into the pool and come out dry;

My style is tight like your necktie.

Applying pressure–my words have a refined texture,

I prefer to speak the truth, instead of living in conjecture.

Life has a funny way of working out when you’re disciplined,

I remisnice on the good, bad, ugly, and even my greatest sins.


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