The Truth Is

I survived the fire so I could inspire;

Taking what I desire, drinking champagne on my yacht, before I retire.

Dancing with the devil is no way to live;

Some choose to stay there, I know something has to give.

I don’t have plan B, because plan A is making the impossible reality,

There’s nothing I fear on this planet; not even a fatality.

Possess unlimited confidence and get called a fool;

I refuse to be a corporate mule, I’m a pro like tools.

I had to crawl my way to the top, but I made it,

I won’t be involved in depositions on any affidavit.

I found my purpose and felt like I was falling for three years,

But as soon as I was down to my last pennies, life became clear.

The money started adding up exponentially,

The grind paid dividends essentially.

I was writing my life into existence like I planned;

Started taking over, ruling the vicinity by demand.

Efficiency is the key to making powerful moves;

Productivity needs growth to improve.

My eyelids are heavy, I’m feeling congested.

I’m sick under this poetic spell that’s international and domestic.

Laughing at the blueprint only makes you a follower,

I don’t mess with the girl unless she’s a shotcaller.

I’m not even looking for a city cop,

I’m focused on secret agents who don’t want me on top.

I work harder than any politician, with my linguistic incisions;

My financial action plan doesn’t require any revisions.

I have a diverse group of loyal, true fans;

My footsteps create a canvas on the land.

I stay up for days just to chase my dreams;

Painting delectable themes like chocolate cake topped with whipped cream.

I balance my life well like a beam, build my team;

Enhance every single one of my dreams and stay lean.


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