I’m getting wiser, rising higher, promoting my publishing company well,

I’m flyer than the promotional pamphlet–my books sell.

Empires take years to build up with each brick,

I murder these writers like a smooth executed mob hit.

I know I make people angry, I’m cool with it,

I’m only growing taller and you’re just a midget.

Attracting true beauty like I’m wearing a magnet,

I used to buy weed, weight it, and bag it.

But I found a more effective route to exemplify my hustle;

I’m in a meditative state like Russell.

Scotian Breeze is the movement people will learn from,

I obtain bread and blow through the crumbs.

The inception of divine direction derives from introspection;

Every time I write there’s a revolutionary resurrection.

Progression is about making productivity a proclivity;

As a young king, I’m always increasing my virility.

These imposters claim to be royalty, but they’re prevaricators,

I serve a purpose, and you eat my food like I’m a waiter.

I create new dreams every morning I get out of bed,

Then I manifest the required actions that are inside my head.

One-hundred hour work weeks are the bear minimum,

I clear up your complexion like cinnamon.

Boss up and stop hating on those who do;

Stop focusing your energy on negativity; no wonder you’re blue.

I’m into new atmospheres and better scenery,

I move at God speed, you won’t understand what he means to me.

I mapped out all of my plans on the blank page;

Hit the stage, eliminated rage, and locked the writing world in a cage.

I mean what I say, and say what I mean,

Wishing for a better life is how you demean.

Have deeply rooted actions behind the endeavours you need;

Why give in to the emptiness of greed?

Fall on your back but stand back up on your feet,

If you never give up, you won’t see defeat.


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