Maneuvering Greater

The money calls my phone like a bank statement;

Stop lying like you’re telling the truth; it’s blatant.

The colonizers want to move me, but they can’t,

They’re out of breath and lethargic like a dog who pants.

The only spot where I belong is number one,

Money comes in bundles, stacks, residuals, and lump sums.

Book sales are just a small portion of my movement;

Scotian Breeze is a mathematical, physical entity yearning for improvement.

Pain pours down like the rain in the midst of fame,

I stimulate your brain–addictive like the purity of cocaine.

I invigorate the scene, leave clean, paint scintillating themes;

Ready to build to the extreme for the sake of my team.

Under the underground, creating art from the hidden dungeon,

Try and cut me, I’ll make you cry unwillingly like an onion.

The sun grazes my skin, I’m built to win,

Writing my ideal life into existence, striking down every pin.

You must hit rock bottom before you can rise up,

Calisthenics and HIIT cardio is getting my size up.

Nova Scotia rests comfortably in the palm of my hand,

I increase my demand, play my hand, and touch new land.

I give more than I receive, to please the most high,

I cut off the cancerous relationships without saying goodbye.

Elevation and inspiration requires a small social circle,

My favourite colours are red and purple.

The number of likes, followers, comments, and subscribers don’t mean a thing;

The essence of what makes a legend are the people they bring.

Conquering the literary world was marked deeply in my destiny;

Very few queens on this planet impress me.

Talent, compassion, and sincerity is what I look for in a person,

Not aggression, tomfoolery, and coercion.

It’s clear to me that I receive a lot of envy,

I created my own lane and made it trendy.


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