Palapable Affairs

The False Reality Of Martin will get revamped into a literary masterpiece,

My literary presence, pockets, personality, and potential will increase.

I won’t pay for reviews, but I will receive a lot of them,

The most well-known industry professionals will acknowledge them.

I’m creating my own path, and igniting my future into a star studded affair,

I’m analyzing the critics, applying physics, but I don’t truly care.

The reviews are just a way to become a stronger writer,

I spark interest in every brain like a lighter.

Ladies Prism will come out even bigger; selling one million copies in the first week,

I separated myself from the ordinary dwellers, I stay focused on fleek.

Birds keep running their beaks, but only see defeat;

Enemies retreat, energy I deplete, history is on repeat.

Jugular Spirits is a horror novel with phantoms and wits;

Describing scenes like a designed NFL blitz.

There will be two more novels following after to end the year strong,

Even when I was dead wrong, the harmony of my voice sounded like a song.

My manager told me I should slow down and enjoy my riches,

I told her I didn’t come this far to sleep with the fishes.

I like to keep things simple with a splash of sophistication,

My ancestors were used to segregation, I learned to unify a nation.

Keeping secrets from your wife only makes you weaker,

I’m just amplifying what will make your life deeper.

Sacred bonds require work with precision and acute visions;

The monitoring of decisions for better living.

Information is a key factor of development and growth;

Honoring the truth is how you earn the most.

I move swiftly like a ghost from coast to coast,

Traveling throughout terrain like Canada Post.

If you’re a passionate, dedicated professional;

International acclaim and clout will be inseparable.

Find what you love, make it your life, and watch people get jealous;

Weaklings who are mad that you’re zealous.


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