Powerful Books

I strengthen my spirituality every day I rise,

I’m running a lucrative, sensational enterprise.

I make the impossible happen because I believe it,

When something is out of reach I retrieve it.

Confident, pensive, poise, calm, and collected;

Cool, charismatic; all of my communication is effective.

I live for the written word, most say it’s absurd,

But the number on spot is what I deserve.

Work like a slave and eat like a king, fight in any ring;

Sing harmonious tunes like you have wings.

Letting go is hard, but a necessary fraction of life;

True character is about staying loyal to your wife.

I write books that will leave a legacy twice,

But while I’m alive my business mind will overshadow my true light.

I make the night mine, by writing wisdom onto the page,

But the daytime grind is like I’m trapped in a cage.

I’m speaking about extreme discipline and practice;

Why do you think no writer can match this?

These are the sacrifices and responsibilities you need to make,

I’m speaking purely from a successful mind state.

I admit that I’m insane like I have screws lose in the brain,

Without going hard, I would just stay the same.

I believe in building an empire from being a novelist,

I won’t fumble the pass, but your mind is boggled from my hits.

Contract work like a mobster, I go in for the kill,

The only reason I made it this far is because of God’s will.

Writing needs to come from the soul like a death toll,

I illuminate the scene for a short breath, then I roll.

Worldwide embodiment because I broke providence;

Left the world in shock and astonishment.

I didn’t come out of nowhere, I’ve been grinding for years,

Girl, if you’re in pain I’ll wipe off your tears.

The wind moves briskly, and I move swiftly,

People who lost me, hate me and miss me.




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