Victory Shall Be Mine

Eating the correct foods, enhancing my mood, I always improve,

I won’t ever meet an enemy that I can’t subdue.

I make the best authors look like garbage,

I put their work in the trash, you better charge it.

The adrenaline pumps through my veins, we aren’t the same,

I could blow you out of your frame because of my pain.

Giving up never crossed my mind or entered my spirit,

When people laughed at my dreams, I didn’t hear it.

Allah told me keep fighting and writing rhymes that are enticing;

Focus on what’s exciting, and only indulge in information that’s delighting.

I write to the pace of my blood, rise higher and become the plug,

I come out immaculate after I trounce in mud.

You will only see me with go-getters, I don’t associate with quitters.

I made a fortune off book promotion on Twitter.

The craft has been perfected, so lucrative and selective,

I created my future, by completing literary objectives.

Insightful on the broader scheme of treacherous plots,

I switch positions, you are the one who gets shot.

The number one spot is mine for the taking,

I’m a business tycoon in the making.

Opportunities are opening up like crazy, I’m on the money train,

I’m creative enough to comprehend how to switch lanes.

My grind is so vicious and relentless that I grab the moon,

I crash servers and send out lethal vibrations like a sonic boom.

Sleep isn’t for me, unless I’m making money;

Instead I hustle harder; rainy days have become sunny.

I aim to hit a homerun everytime I’m up to the plate,

My future is bright because I was consistent with my faith.

Brand ambassador for few well known clothing lines,

I wake up and grind, I was born to shine.

Becoming spiritually enriched every single day I wake up,

The only voice in my head is telling me to get my cake up.


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