Love Has No Death

We had power and respect before hitting millions,

I had you on my mind before we started building.

I’m a don and a wild boss like a mobster,

My queen is an expert with the knife, you won’t rob her.

I grew up in the country and she conquered the city,

I started running the province because I kept it gritty.

We worship peace but have hearts colder than ice;

We’re like an army when we’re together; too nice.

Natural born hustlers, getting this cream,

The only time we’re going down is on each other or getting lean.

Infinite and eternal, just study my literary journal,

I write fire that keeps you warmer than a thermal.

I love pressure because my greatness has no measure;

Never mistake happiness for pleasure.

I love women who can dance like their exotic,

I promote confidence, not actions that are neurotic.

I don’t trust any planes in the sky,

I’m above aerodynamics because I’m so fly.

We both had to cut off cancerous relationships,

All we know is how to grind, you won’t break our concentration tip.

More options on the table, my idea of body shots doesn’t mean drinking out of her navel,

I’m a sophisticated, eloquent king, but I keep life basic like cable.

The world was dead set against me, but I proved them wrong,

International Women’s Day needs an anthem, not a song.

When all of my dollars disappeared I didn’t lose focus,

I made it back and multiplied figures; life is never hopeless.

Millions on my mind when I wake up in the morning,

If I come for your life, you won’t know it’s me–fair warning.

The only time I’m in the club is for a celebration,

I’m ready for war, but I’d rather enjoy life through scintillation.

Fifty million will be a slow year for me in a few years,

I don’t have any weaknesses, reservations, or fears.


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