Beezy’s World

The grind won’t stop for anyone on the planet,

I receive revelations from God, you wouldn’t understand it.

People won’t get out of their comfort zones and complain;

Angry about their lives, lost within themselves, only feeling pain.

I market my books so well; it’s hope I sell,

I was victorious, and feeling glorious when I fell.

I picked myself back up, and did better,

I’m interested in creating ideas smoother than leather.

Businessman who focuses on solving people’s problems,

The publishing industry is full of frauds, so I rob them.

I’m out here living sucker free, developing a flourishing entity,

I’m ahead of my time like a century.

Concentrating on becoming a better writer;

Penetrating barriers, sparking up greatness like a lighter.

I elevate, levitate, celebrate, and integrate,

The world only sees a small portion of what I generate.

I put my heart and soul into everything I do,

I had to leave my past and form a new crew.

They’re all loyal, deeper than soil; they stay royal,

I rip these suckers to pieces like tin foil.

Shining under the moon, getting hotter under the sun,

The stars are gleaming within me like when I cum.

I never cared about fame or being noticed,

I’m here to stack dollars, but will never show this.

Those who judge others are insecure and weak,

Read my work religiously, if it’s God you seek.

These women won’t make sacrifices to have a real man;

They would rather live a double life, expecting no reprimand.

I politic with the best of them, but I’m not into legislation,

I love seeing promises through, so I can lead the next generation.

I need an exclusive queen who won’t stop,

Faithful, humble, confident, and responsible, building her own crops.


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