I’m Going In

I’m a self-made mogul, outspoken, confident and vocal,

My courage only becomes stronger because I’m international and local.

If your not moving, your not improving is the slogan I live by, religiously;

Printed on a t-shirt, making millions off packages and deliveries.

I’m speaking about Scotian Breeze plans for the future,

I’m a gentleman, but won’t hesitate to send the shooters.

Personally, I don’t like to delegate actions to my young kings,

I like to earn my own clout and focus on building new things.

The devil won’t look in my direction; he can’t break the barrier of my protection;

His evildoings are a reflection of the actions from an individuals introspection.

Trust me: I fulfill a covenant to God when I write these words,

I’m a unicorn, succeeding in different disciplines–all I do is earn.

The sojourn to the essence is a learning experience,

I make a extraordinary impact without making an appearance.

The next chapter is full of opulence, passion, and blessings;

More bills, responsibilities, challenges and lessons.

I’m keeping this drive until I hit my first billion dollars;

Then I’ll multiply my revenue like an economic academic scholar.

I need a queen who can match my flyness; who understands when to remain quiet,

I spark wisdom in the brains of the youth; no revolts or riots.

Playing a role is the first step into conformity,

You’ve just sold your soul, the heartless are boring me.

Indigenous people get treated like animals on the reserve;

They deserve food, clothing, shelter, and riches on preserve.

I light up a room with my presence like a lamp,

You won’t violate any of the members in my camp.

I’m a ride or die; all in type of brother,

I move unseen like the wind, cause I’m undercover.

Everything I write is monumental like a true giant,

I’m so ambitious that I find a way, I’m never compliant.

Welcome to Beezy’s world; I’m about to explode,

I’m a lion, tiger, shark, and wolf engaged in beast mode.



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