Sunny Days

I grind to the extreme, chase my dreams,

My pen game is scarier than Halloween.

I have no time to chill, constantly finding ways to work harder,

I’m providing a boost to my team like a starter.

Penetrating the unknown entities and succeeding,

I write down words of passion that are intriguing.

I don’t speak about the streets much anymore, cause I surpassed the turmoil,

I’m hotter than water ready to boil, shine brighter than tinfoil.

Contemplating on business ventures, enhancing the culture;

Landing my punches, swooping over the competition with no sponsor.

Dynasties take years to build and develop,

I capture readers with the embrace I envelop.

I live on the blank page like a pure creator,

I’m not an imitator, just a compassionate innovator.

When I had nothing in my pocket I felt nauseous;

But I still got respect and remained cautious.

The light shines upon me from the sun beaming,

I’m on the road to riches, always scheming.

Living truthfully is much harder than living a lie;

The best novelists are poets in disguise.

Family over everything is the only thing I know;

The only positive way to grow.

Love is the only action I sincerely respond to;

Hate is all about trying to disarm you.

I move like the waves in the ocean;

It’s the essence of being Nova Scotian.

I knew I would run the entire province;

Underground international connections; enemies want to rob him.

But the king stays royal like the sediment of soil,

I make women scream when I break the bed coil.

The ultimate plan is travel the land to get inspired;

Cross the oceans on a cruise, meet people for hire.


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