If you want it to come easy, then you don’t really want it;

Accelerate past the nonsense, shoot through the stars like a comet.

Humanity will make you lose, but learn how to win;

A contributing factor is abstaining from sin.

Writing is the hardest artistic creation,

Novels require research, revival, and unwavering concentration.

Nothing can match the value of a true queen,

Ignorance doesn’t make you mean.

I stand for brotherhood, independence, ambition, and loyalty,

My family is the epitome of royalty.

I promote a brand that’s designed to monopolize;

I’m opening up another lucrative enterprise.

I love listening, I praise integrity and honesty,

I make the depressed and hopeless laugh, comically.

Revealing revelations, building sound infrastructure,

My style doesn’t expire like mustard.

Direct link, connections and invitations,

I inspire the art of hustle in the younger generation.

When I write words all I see is paper;

Save, invest, manage, and spend is why I have so many haters.

Even during a drought I keep winning;

Submerged in the fountain of youth, hitting a home run like it’s the ninth inning.

Results are what I strive for every hour,

I know what tough times create, I’m not a coward.

Slowing down for the competition isn’t a choice,

I’m in a league of my own, with my literary voice.

Forever humble, grateful, gracious, and faithful,

My brand is a household name and publishing staple.

The light switch turned on in my life, after a long battle,

I kill my beef, ruthlessly like cattle, lock in my stable like a saddle.

I treat every word I write like selling drugs; an addiction,

I write flawlessly, producing the most scintillating, provocative fiction.


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