Number One

Amazon, iTunes, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo,

I hit the number one spot on the charts–take a photo.

Preidicting the future, accurately like a prophet,

I was prepared by one, so nobody can stop it.

When I fell down, I got up and worked harder,

Every day I envision entities on the rise, I’m getting smarter.

Writing rhymes is harder than writing prose,

Writing is my natural born tendency and it shows.

I have dialogue layered deeply like a cake,

I receive a lot of hate because I simply devastate.

I’m underrated, the most hated, the literary terrain I desecrated,

I created my life like God; this isn’t debated.

I live swiftly within his image, my soul has been replenished;

Before I started, I knew your career was finished.

Every novel I write is a bestseller, I breathe fire,

I follow the path with will, drive, determination, and desire.

I have the best cover designers, editors, and promoters,

I casted the best ballot like millions of voters.

I built my empire from the ground up like a true king,

I’m growing taller, and towering over people like Yao Ming.

I encouraged a little boy to take over the world by storm;

He thanked me, I could see his heart was warm.

The False Reality Of Martin took over two years to explode,

I’m the MVP of the writing world like Steph Curry and D Rose.

I’m worldwide every time I write words on the blank slate;

It doesn’t take a genius to realize I’m great.

I put myself on, and didn’t look back,

But I reflected on my mistakes, to gain deeper facts.

I’m the feeling you get when you’re a millionaire blowing your first million,

I have street connections, I’m mobbed up like a Sicilian.

I’m supposed to be in prison rotting alive,

Instead, I’m a renown author and smooth criminal on the rise.

I won’t let any police officer or secret agent ruin my life,

I’m cautious, acute, and clever when I strike.

The mental creates the embodiment of the physical,

I only write literary classics that are biblical.

Photo shoots with some of the most inspirational queens,

In twenty years: I’ll still be looking like I’m sixteen.

I accomplish the impossible, and listen to the inaudible,

I make powerful moves; formulate a reality that’s improbable.

I’m not trapped in the system of wickedness;

They hand out diplomas as an apprenticeship.

Academic education makes a living, not a fortune,

My aim is full of precise incisions on the largest portion.

The international stage is how I turn the page,

I’m ahead of myself, so I never act my age.

I absorb the positive orbs and get rich like the Forbes list,

I’m all about conducting business ventures, and creating art so gorgeous.


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