I study literature like it’s a life saving operation,

I’m happy to live in the depths of inspiration.

The oppressors put society under pressure;

They make us believe violence is best served on a stretcher.

The man was no longer breathing; now he’s called a heathen,

Blocked from living a life full of happiness and achievement.

Poverty is handed out like fake manners and false words,

Speak the truth and get called absurd.

My generation is fearless, which constitutes a change,

But you won’t advance without having goals within range.

The amount of distractions and gossip is futile,

I focus on strengthening my mental, you know my style.

I think differently when the rain falls; my mood switches,

I feel like committing homicides, I’m so vicious.

But I live a peaceful life and love the happiness precipitation brings,

I create the storm and sit comfortably on the throne because I’m a king.

Women are more dangerous than weapons;

They smile in your face and love the law of deception.

Their eyes have detection, to set you up without force;

She might ride you like a horse, but your life has just run its course.

I’m illustrating a scene, so you can keep your eyes open,

Here’s hoping you find a queen whose attributes are liberty and devotion.

I’m deviating from the standard because I’m a professional heavyweight,

I love myself and care about others, you can see I’m great.

Blood is poured onto the page like it’s Christ,

I’m not a Christian, but I commend his life.

Heaven or hell is your final destination, so I exterminate Satan,

I tell him you can’t move a man, whose a living legend with patience.

Dreams are conquered by will, drive, belief, and determination,

Even when I’m sleeping I feel like work is more important than celebration.

People are lost within the entrapment of police tactics;

They love twerking, popping pills, and embracing colloquialisms known as ratchet.



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