The Future Is Bright

These bestsellers are selling books by the truckload,

I’m selling books by the boatload, I’m on the affluent road.

I have fans in Japan, Brazil, Hong Kong, and Malaysia,

My prose is electrifying like a taser.

I hustle to the extreme with this pen,

My writing is bigger than me; it turns boys to men.

Where do I see myself in five years?

I’ll be capitalizing off books, clothes, lingerie, agriculture, food and real estate; hanging cool like pears.

I walk on the moon like a true don should,

These professions come naturally to me like wood.

I’m a unicorn; that’s how I expand my cognition;

Everything I write is like a perfectly crafted rendition.

My poetry and prose shines brighter than the sun,

My thoughts are heavy, they weigh a ton.

I’m an expert when it comes to digital revenue,

But I’m even more skillful with plastic and paper, I’m telling you.

Stability, consistency, loyalty, and respect is all I know,

I keep my circle small, so I can continue to grow.

I change every waking second of these fleeting moments,

My writing is the epitome of societies atonement.

The best days in my life are ahead of me,

I laugh at weak, jealous, envious people; they’re like a parody.

I’m not hard to find, even though I move with the wind,

Fake women try to claim they’re my friends.

I think with my soul, heart, and mental,

I won’t let my small head, get me shot dead in a rental.

Philosophical parables propelling past my potential,

My word is born and existential.

If you decide to give more than you receive,

You will obtain more than you dream and believe.

I read, write, market, brand, and promote my publishing company every single day,

I map out other business ventures, so nobody can get in my way.


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